Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stephen Jay Gould is an American scientist. He lived from September 10, 1941- May 20, 2002. Gould's main findings, publications, and contributions included his most significant contribution in 1972 known as the theory of punctuated equilibrium. The theory proposes that most evolution is marked by long periods of evolutionary stability, which is punctuated by rare instances of branching evolution.He also contributed to evolutionary developmental biology,  In evolutionary theory he opposed strict selectionism, sociobiology  as applied to humans, and evolutionary psychology. He also campaigned against creationism .These findings impacted the developing theory of evolution and relate to the modern theory of evolution by contrasting the popular idea that evolutionary change is marked by a pattern of smooth and continuous change in the fossil record. These findings and publications relate to the commonly held beliefs of the day and proposed that science and religion should be considered two distinct fields whose authorities do not overlap. This proposal is still brought about today.